Cheri LaMay

Bio: I'm Cheri LaMay and I love designing personalised gardens for special people! I started Earthworks Garden Design in 2003 to offer a complete and professional garden design service to all the people in Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax, York, Bradford and throughout Yorkshire and beyond. I am a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers, and with an Honours Degree in Landscape Architecture, I have designed over seventy gardens. I trained as a gardener at the Royal Horticultural Society's Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. Years later I returned as a professional designer and have regularly lectured on garden design courses at the RHS gardens. My unique experience and qualifications mean that, using a design process which gives you as much input as you like, I will design for you a garden which reflects your taste; beautifully surrounds your home; and sensitively responds to your lifestyle. You, by using Earthworks, will be confident that you will get excellent value because my transparent tendering process ensures fair, competitive pricing of garden construction through the use of carefully detailed drawings and specifications. I work regularly with a number of respected landscape contractors who will quote to build your garden. If you wish, I will act as your consultant during the construction of your garden, so you can relax and enjoy seeing your garden come together. Your garden will be planted using plants which are selected especially for the conditions of your garden, to make your own unique aesthetic; and the details of the garden finished off for you to enjoy for many happy years to come. I am also available for garden design consultancy meetings at an hourly rate. Contact me through my website: http://www.earthworksnorth.co.uk.

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